Outlook Expeditions – A4 brochure


Outlook expeditions are the UK’s leading independent expedition provider for schools. We created their brand based around the proposition of custom-made expeditions. The brief was to create a brochure outlining their expeditions and was aimed at 14-18 year olds from an ABC1 demographic.


There was a need to capture the 'epic' nature of some of these trips through large images that were accompanied with a 'distressed' style of art direction. This was coupled with a distressed typeface. Hand-drawn graphics were used throughout to reinforce the proposition of 'custom-made' expeditions. So paper clips, masking tape and torn paper were utilised to further convey a hand-made feel. This also served to make it visually engaging, connecting well with the target audience who were visually aware. In a sense these were school trips, but we wanted to package them as epic adventures. I created this brochure during my time working for Golley Slater, Cardiff.


  • Design