Faithful+Gould – Trade press advertising


Faithful+Gould are one of the world's leading project and cost management consultants for the construction industry. We created the brand based around the positive icon and the strapline of 'Constructive Expertise' expressing that they add value to every project they undertake. As part of the rebrand, trade press advertising was required. It needed to create impact, be informative, and communicated the brands ethos.


An important part of the Faithful+Gould brand was to position them as experts within their field. We felt the best way to do this was to prove it via a case study, rather just just say it. The rationale behind the advert is to illustrate a series of case studies where 'Constructive Expertise' has been applied to a live project. An equation was also developed to further expresses this concept, i.e. Name of project + Constructive Expertise = Boxing Clever. This equation was also carried through to online banner advertising. I created this campaign during my time working for Golley Slater, Cardiff.


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