Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments – Site leaflets


Cadw are the official guardians of the built heritage of Wales. They are a government body tasked with preserving and maintaining historic monuments in Wales. Part of their remit is to promote the monuments to visitors. The brief was to produce a series of 31 leaflets, one for each of the principal visitor sites giving details of the attraction.


A certain amount of sensitivity had to be applied to this project as these were obviously not tourist attractions in the true sense. They were historic monuments first and foremost but also made for an intriguing day-out. This led the approach of the design. A relevant historic figure was added to each cover to add visual interest and bring each site to life. It also made it more appealing to a family audience. The leaflets had to compete on leaflet stands with other mainstream attractions so a colourful border, along with a colour coded palette was used for each leaflet design. I created these leaflets during my time working for Golley Slater, Cardiff.


  • Design
  • Advertising